mosquito screens with style


Insect screens in the Algarve.

Discreet, retractable, pleated
mosquito screens to enhance
the comfort of your home.

Retractable, pleated screens are offered in a wide range of colours and styles to blend into your existing property’s colour schemes and designs. The unique design of the ‘PLISSE’ screens allow them to retract when not required, but come into play at a moment’s notice when fresh air - not insects - is needed in your home.

They can be fitted anywhere in the home, requiring minimal space to install, but adding both comfort and value. The innovative design, installed in thousands of homes worldwide, are the ‘solution of choice’ for interior designers, builders, architects - and importantly - people like you, who appreciate your home and all its comforts.

Doors, Windows, French Doors and Sliding Patio Doors - SimplyScreens has a flyscreen solution for each: Plisse, Gionconda, Pratika and Mini Plisse.

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