mosquito screens with style


Insect screens in the Algarve.

Discreet, retractable, pleated
mosquito screens to enhance
the comfort of your home.

Pratika is a fixed flyscreen option for windows where retractable screens may not be required, ie. bathrooms etc.

The Pratika comes with three fitting options:

1) The 'permanent' option. Securely screwed into surrounding frame/brick work.
2) The 'removable' option. The screen is held in place with magnetic fittings and fixed laterally within the window opening. This allows for easy cleaning of both window and screen.
3) The 'coccinella'. As the 'removable' option but using unique 'twist clip' fittings that are fixed to the front of the frame/brick work.


  • Offers an effective and attractive flyscreen solution for protection against mosquitoes and flies.
  • Profile is unobtrusive and compliments your existing window opening.
  • Assembled and fitted on-site by experienced professionals guarantees a clean, quality installation.


  • Frame and housing made from high quality extruded aluminium.
  • Finished in acrylic to prevent chipping and scratching.
  • Mesh comes in black or grey for insect protection, made from PVC-coated mesh to avoid fading.
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